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I want to share with you the incredible things that Jon has enabled me to do. This soon to be 49 year old can do sets of military style push-ups, pull-ups and one arm presses with 40 lb weights! A normal week for me now is strength training 3x (2x with Jon and once on my own), cardio 4x per week (because I can), and tennis 2x per week (because I love it !) Jon has monitored my cardio from day one and the program that I am on now has me doing interval training, supposedly at a level that an athlete would be capable of. This past year I’ve gone snow skiing, mountain biking and boogie boarding and I am so excited to say that I have been able to travel again. I couldn’t even sit for 1 hour at a time, now long distance travel is no problem. I can carry and lift most anything on a daily basis and the concern of hurting myself doesn’t even enter my brain.


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Katie kept telling herself she was going to start working out at JMP Fitness.
She drove by JMP Fitness almost every day for one year before she actually started working out.
Eventually she succumbed to the nagging voice in the back of her head, C’mon Katie, you know you aren’t going to do it yourself.
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